The Art


 Care & Maintenance
By following a few simple steps you will enjoy the beauty and pleasure of your decorative concrete for many years to come.

Simple rinsing or mopping (indoors) should be done occassionally. The frequency will depend on environmental conditions, how high a traffic area to cars, foot traffic, and water.

Resealing outdoors may be necessary after a few years, but may not be required for up to five years or more. This will depend on type of sealer used and UV exposure.  The cost to reseal is a fraction of any other home maintenance. Reseal your concrete and the color and shine will be as vibrant as the day it was installed. Selecting the most durable sealer is also cost efficient.



  1. Rinse dirt/debris with a garden hose. This may be all that is required.
  2. For tough stains, apply a small amount of mild liquid dish soap or Simple Green to surface and gently scrub with soft bristled brush.
  3. Calcium build-up  – the whitish stains that may appear in areas of standing water, can be removed with 'Limeaway'  (available at local grocery store) Rinse well with a garden hose or until there is no sign of soap suds.
  4. Use felt pads on feet of metal outdoor furniture.


  1. Sweep loose dirt.
  2. Mop clean with water and a mild detergent such as simple-green(about 1 cup to a gallon of water).
  3. For tough stains or grease, apply a small amount of mild liquid dish soap or Simple Green to surface and gently scrub with soft bristled brush and them mop up.
  4. Replace rinse water in mop bucket for large areas.
  5. Use a 'Floor Finish' or 'Floor Polish' for added shine and protection whenever desired. Pour floor finish into bucket or floor. A little goes a long way. Use a micro-fiber string mop. Floor Finish/polish can be found at all building materials stores.
  6. Use floor mats near all entrances and standing areas like sinks and stoves.


  1. Don't use high power pressure washers
  2. Don't use Solvents such as lacquer thinner or acetone to clean your floor.
  3. Don't reseal with just any sealer. All sealers are not created equal or compatible.  Improper sealer selection and application is the #1 fix-it call.

If in doubt call us first. We are happy to help.