The Art



Stain and Epoxy manufacturers market their products to the concrete contractor and over simplify the application process as an easy way to increase business and profits.  When done only occassionally and by inexperienced hands, the results are usually short lived. These jobs can
look good initially, but usually one seasonal cycle of extreme temperatures exposes the weakness of the products or application process used.

We offer our vast knowledge and experience in the art of concrete.
We provide consulting and training to concrete contractors, designers, and builders.

Preparing a concrete canvas
  • All concrete is not the same. This greatly affects the type of preparation and tools required, and the products that can and should be selected for use.
  • Proper surface preparation is critical. This seems simple but there is a right way and many wrong ways.
  • There are many products on the market. Through experience we have learned which products live up to their claims, and which are best for specific situations.
  • Several steps and layers are required to complete a project. We can show you which steps and products are essential for a colorful and durable finish.
  • Our supplies come from a number of manufactures that we have come to trust in their quality. Many professional products are sold only to licensed contractors and not to the do-it-yourselfer (DIY).

Tools and Supplies

  •  The list of tools, supplies, and equipment required to complete decorative concrete projects is long (last count was seventy-three items).
  • It's critical to know what to have on-hand so time and materials are not wasted and products are applied properly and on time.

  • Some product manufacturers provide training, however the training is specific to the use of their products.  We have attended training courses, some good and many not so good. Although knowledge is gained through manufacturers training, these do little to prepare for real world circumstances. Many products and methods we started out using in the beginning we no longer use today.
  • There are many many choices in protective sealers. Each project has a preferred sealer type. Each sealer has a preferred method of application. Not all sealer types are compatible and some should not be used together or used for recoating.

  • Individual training, group training, on the job training


In planning a project, the following are a few factors taken into consideration when determining product selection, method of preparation, and application technique:

  • client design preferences
  • indoors or outdoors project
  • weather conditions (temperature, humidity, dew point)
  • residential, commercial, or industrial
  • hard troweled or broom finished concrete
  • UV exposure
  • foot and vehicle traffic
  • existing or previous coatings
  • condition of concrete
  • (MVE) moisture vapor emissions
  • calcium chloride
  • PH level
  • exposure to water