Our Guarantee

We want your new concrete surface to continue looking good...our business depends on it.  Our service and care extends beyond the completion of the installation.

  • Satisfaction of Color results.
  • Four year transferable warranty on concrete coatings against defective materials or bond failure, subject to limitations below. 

No warranty is extended for defects caused by any of the following conditions or events:

  • Damage caused by neglect, or abuse.
  • Damages caused by, but not limited to, expansive soil, earth fill movement, landscape drainage problem, Alkali-Silica Reaction (A.S.R.), Act of nature.
  • Cracks are not warranted that were treated in remodel.  Homeowner understands that cracks may reappear due to uncontrollable ground soil and concrete shifting.

 If at any time service should be required, we will determine the cause and correct at no cost or a reasonable fee. 

With basic cleaning and care, your decorative concrete floor will continue to look great.
See: Floor Care